Coffee Connaisseur, moi? Winter ’23/’24

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There he is again! Our well beloved Winter Seasonal CC,m? After 1 year of absence it was about time to brew this bad boy again. Our most creamy, rich and maybe even most delicious Imperial Stout ever, packed with loads of coffee beans. Off course we worked with our friends from the Zeeuwse Branding and again Rob roasted Colombian beans from Herbert Peñaloza Correa and his collective, because never change a winning team, right? These beans give our Coffee Stout champion beautifull nutty flavours and notes of red apples.

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  • Avontuurlijke bieren, rechtstreeks vanuit de brouwerij.
  • Levering binnen 3 werkdagen.

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Coffee Connaisseur, moi? Winter ’23/’24
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